DevNet Expert Training

Course Overview

Implement Distinguish yourself as a leader in NetDevOps technologies

Achieving Cisco Certified DevNet Expert certification validates your expert knowledge and proficiency in network automation, programmability, and secure automation tools. To earn Cisco Certified DevNet Expert certification, you pass two exams: a qualifying exam that covers core software and automation development and design for Cisco platforms as well as a hands-on lab exam that covers software-driven network automation solutions through the entire network lifecycle, from designing and deploying to operating and optimizing.

Who should attend

  • Network Designer
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • System Engineer
  • Consulting System Engineer
  • Field Engineer
  • Server Administrator
  • Storage Administration
  • Network Consultant
  • Cisco Integrated Partner
  • Network Manager


The fully benefits from this course, you should have the following knowledge and skillst:

  • Prior experience in network automation and software development is strongly recommended for the DevNet Expert program.
  • Build upon your existing knowledge and expertise, and unleash the power of automation to transform your career in the world of DevNet
  • DevNet Expert journey. Bring your passion for technology, and get ready to take your skills to the next level.

These are the recommended Cisco learning offerings that may help you meet these prerequisites:

  • Cisco Certified Devnet Expert

Course Objective

After taking this course, you should be able to:

  • Design and Develop Advanced Software Solutions
  • Automate Network Operations
  • Collaborate with Cross-Functional Teams
  • Troubleshoot and Optimize Network Solutions
  • Stay Updated on Emerging Technologies

This course will help you:

  • Join our DevNet Expert course and unlock a world of possibilities in network automation and software development!
  • Gain the skills to tackle complex challenges, innovate with cutting-edge technologies.
  • Enroll in our DevNet Expert course and witness your expertise soar to new heights.
  • Master network automation, become a trailblazer in software development, and unleash your potential in the rapidly evolvingworld of DevNet.

European timezone (online)

June 12-23, 2023, 8am-5pm UTC+2

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American timezone (online)

September 11-22, 2023, 8am-5pm UTC-6

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Course Outline

Day 1 - Introduction Python I Data Models

  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Lab Overview and Access Details
  • Overview of Python Language
  • Python Libraries and Functions
  • Overview of Data Models

Day 2 - Python Click Library I Flask-RESTX

  • Python Click Library
  • Python Flask
  • Python Flask-RESTX

Day 3 - Data Model I NETCONF & RESTCONF

  • Introduction to Data Model
  • Overview of NETCONF & RESTCONF
  • Configuration of NETCONF & RESTCONF
  • Overview of Data Models
  • Use of Postman to collect/push data from Cisco Devices

Day 4 - Cisco YANG Suit I YANG-NSO

  • Overview of Cisco YANG Suit
  • Use of Cisco YANG Suit to generate data for
  • Overview of Cisco NSO
  • Configuration Lab using Cisco NSO

Day 5 - RESTCONF Paths I Netmiko & TestFSM/NTC

  • RESTCONF Paths and methods
  • Netmiko and TestFSM/NTC-template
  • Overview of templates
  • Jinja2 Templates
  • Jinja2 with python script
  • Jinja2 with YAML

Day 6 - Telemetry I Data Encoding I YANG model

  • Overview of Telemetry
  • Model-Driven Telemetry
  • Data Encoding types
  • Telemetry encoding captures
  • YANG model-driven Telemetry

Day 7 - PyATS I Testcases Configuration I Scripts

  • Overview of pyATS
  • Cisco pyATS solution
  • Configuration of pyATS for testcases
  • pyATS integration with python scripts
  • Proactive pyATS scripts

Day 8 - Ansible I Cisco OS (NX-OS, IOS, IOS-XE)

  • Overview of Ansible
  • Configuration playbooks and templates for Ansible
  • Ansible for network engineer
  • Ansible playbooks for different type of Cisco OS(NX-OS, IOS, IOS-XE)
  • Ansible User Roles

Day 9 - Terraform I APIC/ACI

  • Overview of Terraform
  • Terraform templates for Cisco Solutions
  • Terraform with APIC/ACI
  • Configuration of Cisco ACI Objects using terraform

Day 10 - Security Parameters for Automation

  • Overview of Security Parameters for automation
  • Access Control Policies
  • Certificated and encryption
  • Overview of Hashicorp Vault solution
  • Vault Secret Management

Day 11 - GIT I CI/CD Pipelines I API Authentication

  • Overview of GIT
  • GIT features and commands
  • Overview of GitLab
  • Installation of local GitLab server
  • Overview of CI/CD pipelines
  • Gitlab CI/CD Pipelines
  • GitLab API Authentication by Access Token

Day 12 - Docker/Container Solution I Management

  • Overview of Docker/Container solution
  • Docker Compose
  • Docker Image file
  • Docker/Container management

Day 13 - Kubernetes I Solution I Development I Manifest

  • Overview of Kubernetes
  • Components of Kubernetes solution
  • Constructs of Kubernetes deployment file
  • Understanding of Kubernetes Deployment Manifest

Day 14 - API I REST API I Request In Interaction

  • Overview of API
  • Overview of REST API
  • NX-API
  • NX-API REST Request
  • ACI Solution interaction with API

Day 15 - DNAC Solution I Cloud & Hybrid-Cloud Environment I Microservices

  • Overview of DNAC Solution
  • DNAC Scripting
  • Overview of Cloud & Hybrid-Cloud Environment
  • Cloud Monitoring Solutions
  • Overview of Microservices

Day 16 - DevNet Expert Exam Strategy and Preparation

  • DevNet Expert Exam Strategy and Preparation
  • Mock Lab Practice